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Hi everyone, Blessed Samhain to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere and Blessed Beltane to everyone Down Under!  Hope you are all celebrating in a way that you enjoy!   
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More new reviews from Pagan Book Reviews! Here ya go:

The Woman Magician by Brandy Williams
Phantom Armies of the Night by Claude Lecouteux
Power Crystals by John DeSalvo
Quarivium Oils by Quadrivium Supplies

And just as a note, while we do have a staff of reviewers, we do accept guest reviews if you have something you want to share! We're also always accepting review copies of books and other media, as well as other products of interest to pagans and the like. More info here.
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Yes, the Pagan Book Reviews blog at is still going after six years! After the recent revival and additional reviewers late last year, we're starting to get some new reviews up! Here's the newest batch:

Reading Egyptian Art by Richard Wilkinson -
Following the Sun by Sharon LaBorde -
El Brujo by Thomas Gerard -
The Priests of Ancient Egypt by Sauneron, Lorton and Corteggiani -
Eternal Egypt by Richard Reidy -
Abydos by David O’Connor -
Nature-Speak by Ted Andrews -

While we have a group of regular reviewers, if you would like to submit a guest review there's information at
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Hey, folks, I need book reviewers!

So Pagan Book Reviews is now a .net instead of a .com because in the craziness of grad school and the aftermath I accidentally let the domain name expire and some squatter nabbed it and wants too much money for it. So I figured if .net is good enough for Facing North, it's good enough for me. And so Pagan Book reviews still lives!

When I started the site back in December of 2006, I was in a very different place in my life. I was commuting to work by bus, and so had ample time where all I really could do was read. And that lifestyle, to one degree or another continued for a few years, even into grad school. Over time, though, I let the reviews lapse, though I kept the site up as an archive.

Now that I've been full-time self-employed for a year, I've been able to get an idea of what I do and don't have the time for. One thing I don't have time for, sadly, is writing lots and lots of reviews; even my personal reading time isn't what it used to be (though I'm trying to fix that). What this means is that I have a backlog of books that need to be read and reviewed, AND I want Pagan Book Reviews to continue being a good collection of reviews and ideas so that people know what's out there. Plus reviews are invaluable to authors as feedback, so it's a resource for us writers, too.

So here's what I need:

--I need people to review books. I'll mail you books, you email me back the review, and you get to keep the books to do with as you will. I'm also happy to take on reviews of other relevant books you've read even if they didn't come from me; they just need to follow the format I use on the site. Yes, you can review books that have already been reviewed on the site. Yes, you can review books you've reviewed elsewhere. No, they don't have to be specifically pagan, though you can check the categories on the left sidebar for an idea of what I've considered appropriate. No, you don't get paid, but you do get free books and unless they're advance readers' copies you're welcome to sell them once you've given me the review. There ARE links to Amazon's affiliate program; it really doesn't make very much, and I'll probably end up spending more in shipping costs than I'll get from Amazon. That's okay; I want this site to keep going!

--I need books to review! If you're an author, a publisher, or other concerned party, give me a yell at whishthound (at) We also accept occasional issues of pagan magazines, as well as CDs, DVDs, and other relevant media.

--I need links! Specifically, I need links to other reviewers of pagan and related books. Even if it's just an archive, it counts.

Finally, please pass this on! I hate that I let this site lapse for so long, and even if I'm just more of a behind the scenes figure in it, I want it to keep going as the resource it's meant to be. Thanks :)
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I've been trying to catch up on reviews over at Pagan Book Reviews now that I'm done with grad school. Here are my latest offerings--click the links to read the full reviews:

Salmon Nation edited by Wolf and Zuckerman - a must-read for anyone interested in totemism and other intensely nature-based spirituality

Holy Smoke by Amy "Moonlady" Martin - An updated text on loose herb incenses and taking the smudge beyond the usual sage bundle

A Guide to Pagan Camping by Lori Dake - anything you could possibly need for going to any festival? Could be!

Pagan Metaphysics 101 by Springwolf - paganism and metaphysical woo don't go together....or do they?

Wiccan Shadows by Lori J. Schiele - Wiccan fiction with a werewolf and some romance--a recipe for tropes, or a good read?

Secrets of the Lost Symbol by John Michael Greer - with all the hype about Dan Brown and his conspiracies, somebody had to write this. Really.
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Two new reviews over at Pagan Book Reviews! One I loved, one I didn't--click the links to find out which is which!

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

Practical Protection Magick by Ellen Dugan
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I am looking for the following books, and am willing to barter brand new copies of my own books, my artwork, and/or my totem card readings for any/all:

Animism by Graham Harvey
Becoming Animal by David Abram
Dark Green Religion by Bron Taylor

Any condition other than completely destroyed will be fine, which means things like cover damage, highlighting/writing/etc. are okay, just so long as all the pages are there and it's readable all the way through. All these are going for anywhere from $15-$30 for the cheapest ones on Amazon, and even more at Powell's, so please keep this in mind when estimating value.

Thanks :)
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